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Fed up with the fed, the federal government, disregard of the Constitution, the Bilderburgs and the NSA? We are too. There’s always more to learn, but knowledge isn’t power. Power is power. And actions are more powerful than knowledge. Actionable Liberty is about long term non-violent action that directly addresses particular concerns. Planning, getting others involved, and recognizing this as a long-term patriotic duty. If we’re to reverse the course we’ve been on for decades, it won’t be easy. We hope you’ll help us flesh out this list.

Economic liberty:

  • Buy things ¬†with any currency aside from the Dollar. For example, Bitcoin, the digital equivalent of cash is quickly becoming a legitimate worldwide currency. You can read about Bitcoin here and easily buy Bitcoins with USD using your bank account here.
  • Transact locally and with cash or Bitcoin. Visa and Mastercard don’t need to be involved.

Personal liberty:

  • Make it harder for the NSA to collect your personal information with a tool like Tor.
  • Defeat facial recognition technologies by wearing a cheap infra-red hat(?)